Data – like water, needs to be accessible, cleaned and is required to survive.

What I do!

Data Analysis

I’m highly specialized in analyzing data and delivering you results, trends and recommendations that are clearly presented in reports or tools.

Data Analytics

You get more value from your data with prediction models and machine learning techniques. You want to predict behaviors of your target market and/or target the right customer. I can do that for you!


Dashboards allow you to deliver compelling insights in a compelling way. By clicking and drilling, you will examine trends and patterns yourself, or with my help!


I can help present your data in an inspiring way by using an infographic rather than a piece of text or plain dashboard. I can create interactive infographics which can be used internally or publicly.


Hi, my name is Jason and I work remotely as a freelance data analyst/scientist. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University with a concentration in data analytics.

I’ve always been interested in solving the most challenging questions. That’s why I enjoy working with data sets. We can speculate as to what is happening; what is the data telling us!

Before starting as a freelancer and working on my portfolio, I worked for more than seven years as a product manager for GAP. I leaned on data and insights to execute the right move for success. I currently work as an account manager for ADP, utilizing my analytic skills to help solve challenging problems.

Jason Dean
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We can get in touch via Linkedin