What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question we all get asked at some point. Never quite understood the point of asking someone when they’re five…but, I decided that I wanted to become a doctor. As I raced towards the finish line, my dream consumed and blinded me completely.

I graduated with degrees in Psychology and Biology in six years, but I felt off course and unfulfilled. I decided that I should gain some business knowledge and earned my master’s degree in business administration.

Upon completion, I started working in tech for ADP as an Account Manager in order to gain experience and potentially move into a data related role. In reality, I was building a career and discovering my purpose.

I found that sharing technical expertise, leveraging communication skills and influencing people is what I enjoy the most. I found excitement around sharing benefits, developing an explicit need and demonstrating solutions. 

I try to put this in practice as much as possible by asking questions and intensively listening to what I am being told. I am constantly learning from my experiences to become better at creating long lasting relationships. 


Outside of my job, I spend my energy reading books, taking courses, writing, working out or simply traveling around to discover more about where I live and the world.

I’m also a big fan of sports, star wars and all things vintage (might need to give up the vintage).